VI Hanging Planter

VI Hanging Planter

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The VI Hanging Planter is apart of our Structured Collection. It embodies the trademark Convivial aesthetic with the hand-carved, architectural design cut outs. Designed to hold a wide range of 6-8” tubs of crawling and succulent plants. The planter comes with a custom cut coco liner as well as durable, pre-strung hanging cord. Each piece is handmade with our ivory porcelain clay and finished in our signature ivory glaze.

Product Dimensions:

Planter:  10.25" d x 4.25" h  

Hanging Length: 27"
*If you’d like a custom length, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Product Specifications:

Material: Ivory Porcelain, Coco Liner, Hemp Cord

Glaze: Ivory
Drainage: Cut out design is intended to provide natural drainage. Planter must taken down and be watered in sink.

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