Structured Planters

Structured Planters

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Structured Planters are apart of our Structured Collection. They embody the trademark Convivial aesthetic with the hand-carved, architectural design cut outs. Plant your plant directly into the bottom portion of the planter (below the cut outs) or simply place the plant straight from the nursery, still in it’s plastic container, permanently into the planter. Water normally. The planters are sized for 4” and 6” plants. Each piece is handmade with our ivory porcelain clay and finished in our signature ivory glaze.

Product Dimensions:
Small Planter:  5.5" d x 4.5" h  | Bottom Dish: 4.75” d x 0.5” h (included)
Medium Planter:  8.5" d x 7.25" h  | Bottom Dish: 7.75" d x 1" h (included)

Product Specifications:

Material: Ivory Porcelain
Glaze: Ivory
Drainage: Drainage dish + drainage hole

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