White Structured Votives

White Structured Votives

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The Structured Votives are apart of the first collection Convivial released. The bright, architectural forms are inspired by water towers and bridges in the midwest. They are designed to hold candles individually, or with multiple votives in tiered sets along dining tables, coffee tables, and mantels. Each piece is handmade in America and finished in our signature ivory glaze.

Small: 3.75” d x 4” h
Medium: 4.5” d x 5.5” h
Large: 5” d x 7” h

*Automatically receive 20-25% off as a Set of 3 and 7


Set of 3 includes - 1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large
Set of 7 includes - 2 Small, 3 Medium, 2 Large

”I love the aesthetic and believe it will function beautifully!”


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