Minimal Bud Vases

Minimal Bud Vases

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These simple, classy bud vases are designed for single stem and mini bouquet arrangements. Each vase is handmade in our production and design studio using our newly released Sand clay. They are finished in our signature Ivory glaze with a raw rim to highlight the warmth of the clay. They are sold individually in 4” and 7” sizes or discounted 5% when purchased as a set.

Product Specifications:
4” Vase Dimension: : 2.5” Width, 1 3/8” Rim, 4” Height
7” Vase Dimensions: 4” Width, 1 5/8” Rim, 7” Height
Glaze Color: Ivory
Clay Color: Sand Stoneware

*All products are been made with non-toxic materials and have been independently tested for lead and cadmium.

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