Ivory Table Top Planter - Medium

Ivory Table Top Planter - Medium

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The structured design of these planters will stand out in any space and they are designed to pair well with a wide range of plant shapes. Simply pick your plant and fill the planter with the roots first, then the dirt up until the line where the carvings begin. This design also works well with plants that are still in their plastic container from the store. Just pop it in and you're done! Each planter is handmade in America using a fine porcelain clay. They are high-fired and finished in our signature ivory glaze. Perfect size for side tables, countertops and shelving accents.

Measurements: 8.5" h x 6.75" d

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A smaller size is also available in this design. Visit our shop and search "Ivory Table Top Planter - Small" to find the listing.

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