Which shipping carrier will deliver my package? 

We currently ship all orders using USPS. They have the most competitive pricing for 1-3 pound boxes, which means lower shipping costs for you! But remember - We'll cover those costs for you when you purchase $50+. Simply fill your cart and use code FLYFREE at checkout. 

What is the estimated shipping time for my order?

We are working very persistently to have inventory on hand to ensure 2-3 day delivery time for all orders. This may vary slightly as we are making all of our wares by hand and larger wholesale orders can wipe out our stock unexpectedly. If an order is expected to take longer than 5 days to ship, we will notify you and will often add in an extra gift from us to apologize for the longer wait. 

How can I track my order? 

As soon as your order has shipped you will receive an automatic email with tracking information. Please allow USPS 24-48 hours to scan and update the movement of the package. 

My order broke in transit, what should I do?

We work very diligently to wrap all of our orders with care. At times, items do break and we take full responsibility for the damage that happens when they are in the hands of USPS. If something has broken, please take an image and send it to A replacement will be sent out immediately. 

What materials are used for shipment? 

We have a 100% recyclable system in place for all online retail orders. Your items will be rolled in a corrugated paper wrap, cushioned with paper fill and packaged in a recycled recyclable box (yep, thats right....we buy recycled boxes!) We've put a lot of effort into having all of our materials be recyclable and ask that you honor these efforts by recycling everything.