RESTAURANT LINE: Riveted Mug + Flights w/ Brandon Wilson


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This past year we’ve released two coffee vessel designs in collaboration with Brandon Wilson, owner of the Contra Brand and designer for Ibis Bakery and Messenger Coffee. Both designs are apart of our developing Restaurant Line and are now available for retail + wholesale purchasing. We asked Brandon to share a bit about the design process, the intention and the surrounding thoughts that led to the final collaboration.


We released our Riveted Mug design in close collaboration with Ibis Bakery this past July. The project took a full six months from concept to execution. The is not an unheard of timeframe for a new product, but definitely in the running for longest, most tedious production time to date. However, it was nothing short of being worth the energy. The intention behind this design has led to it being one of our top selling table items. Together, we mulled over each facet, angle and rim, making countless decisions to arrive at what we now believe to be a beautiful, functional work of art. Here are some notes from Brandon Wilson on the design:

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I love the Convivial aesthetic, which is simple, functional and structured. In the Ibis bakery space, a large collection of Convivial pieces pair perfectly with the menu offerings to create a beautiful impression for our guests.

When Ibis began our relationship with Convivial Production, the focus was centered around the elegant serving dishes and plates that complimented our bread and pastries. The new cafe space at 1624 Grand in the Crossroads inspired a new opportunity to serve coffee with the same intentionality of our baked goods. The hope was to create a product that would reflect our vision of a cohesive coffee and bread experience.

It just felt right to collaborate with Convivial in creating an iconic coffee vessel to give a nod to our partnership with Messenger Coffee. In working on the design of the mug, I wanted the shape to create a captivating visual experience brought on by the interaction of light and shadows in the space of an object. I love the simplicity and elegance of angularity, and the clarity of our pressed logo with no printing. And of course, I am a sucker for a good handle, so through much research and development we finally selected an open, modern shape that adds to the in-hand comfort with plenty of space for your fingers when the vessel is hot.

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Shortly after releasing the Riveted Mug collaboration, we worked with Brandon to design and produce two Riveted Flight designs for the Messenger Coffee Slow Bar experience. The flights were designed in our Riveted style to compliment the existing dinnerware line at Convivial, as well as, the mug and bakery dishes in use at Messenger Cafe. The 2.5 oz Riveted Flight was designed for espresso use and the 6 oz Riveted Flight was designed for smaller sample-size servings of coffee. We worked closely with Brandon to be sure there would be just enough room at the top of the flights for an individual to hold the rim of the vessel when the contents were too hot to touch. This allowed us to create a sleek, handless design. The final presentation in their cafe has been paired with a beautifully crafted wooden board for serving.

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You can collected the Ibis stamped Riveted Mug at Ibis locations only. You can collect the non-Ibis stamped Riveted Mug and Riveted Flights online here. If you live in Kansas City, head on down to 1624 Grand on a Saturday from 9-1 to try out the Slow Bar Experience.

All photos within this post are credited to Ryan James Carr

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