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For the past year, we’ve been working closely with a select handful of leaders in the restaurant + hospitality industry to design products that will function for both home and industry use. All products are designed and produced in our Kansas City manufacturing studio per usual and available for sale within our Table Line, however the design process involves a lot more correspondence, contemplation and collaboration - thoroughly considering how minute details of the design will impact higher volume use. Our main goal remains with each item - we want the pieces we produce to be beautiful, handcrafted, affordable and functional.

Our main advisors to date have been Chris + Kate Matsch of Ibis Bakery + Messenger Coffee, Nicolas + Leslie Goellner of The Antler Room, Brandon Wilson of Contrabrand and Nick Robertson of Messenger Coffee. We’ll be releasing more information about each of our restaurant specific collaborations, old and new, here through our website Journal, starting now with the Oval Serving Tray.

cheese board story-1.jpg


The Oval Serving Tray is clean, elegant and sharable.

These are the words of Chris Matsch, founder of Ibis Bakery + partering owner of Messenger Coffee.

This past August Chris Matsch approached us about designing a cheese tray that the Messenger Cafe could use for thier new Happy Hour Menu. We just so happened to also have a growing need for more serving dishes within our own offering. It was a strong match made, so we accepted the collaboration. Here are some words from Chris about the design:

First and foremost I trusted Convivial’s eye for aesthetic and design. Most cheese boards are rectangular slabs of wood and I liked the idea of a white, ceramic dish to differentiate and to make the colors on the plate pop. Through the design process I kept visualizing a group of people sitting around a table with this dish in the middle, grabbing bites of various items from different parts of the dish.  I wanted a rim just tall enough to hold items on the plate, but not so high to the point where the rim became a barrier to grabbing the food. 

The Oval Serving Tray is elegantly understated. I love how the flow of the edge and rim lines look from all directions. We’re so excited to utilize this dish for our shareable charcuterie and cheese plates. Come down to 1624 Grand and try it out!

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The Oval Serving Tray released to market mid September for individual, wholesale and restaurant purchasing. If you are an individual, you can now shop this product for your personal home collection online here. If you are a wholesale client or restaurant hoping to use this or any of our table products, please reach out to set up a wholesale account.

Finally, if you live in Kansas City, head on down to 1624 Grand between 11am-6pm and experience this collaboration in action by ordering one of Ibis + Messenger’s shareable charcuterie and cheese plates. Did you know they also sell wine to go with it? Magnificent!

Photographs taken by Ryan James Carr

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