Hello lovely friends - welcome to our new Inspiration Series, highlighting our favorite Plant + Planter pairings. One of the most common questions we receive from customers who have purchased planters is - "Which plants do you recommend pairing with my planter?"  This question has inspired this new series and we're excited to share our recommendations with you in this way:

Inspiration posts will release one to two times a month, highlighting 1) plant pairing recommendations, 2) simple care tips, and 3) inspiration photos for how they can be styled within your home. We're not plant experts by any means - just designers that love a beautiful house plant +  balanced planter pairing. 

We hope you all enjoy and if you have any recommendations for us in return, don't hesitate to reach out and share your ideas.  


This past April we released our 10" Riveted Planter - our largest planter to date. Quickly, its become one of our top selling designs within our Garden selection. The design took a whopping six months to implement into our studio's production process - a lot of trouble shooting to refine the process and overall quality. The faceted walls of the planter stand 9" tall, each folding softly into the next, giving the planter a true diameter of 10.5".  The planter comes with a 1" hole in the base to ensure proper drainage and is paired with a matching faceted bottom dish. The dish is so lovely - a true statement piece within itself. The diameter of the dish beneath the planter provides both a wealth of space for drainage as well a visual balance for the overall arrangement once the planter is paired. 

Pictured:  10" Riveted Planter  + Monstera

Pictured: 10" Riveted Planter + Monstera


The 10" Riveted Planter was designed to pair well with a wide range of plant shapes and colors, although it was specifically designed with the Split Leaf Monstera in mind. Monsteras have stolen the hearts of all house plant enthusiasts. They run the line of feeling exotic, yet peaceful... intricate yet simple. We wanted to design a planter that would accommodate standard 8" Monsteras that are available at local plant nurseries. We wanted the planting process to be uncomplicated - where you can simply remove the Monstera from the plastic liner, slip it into the planter, and fill the outer rim with loose dirt. The straight design of the planter walls make this transition seamless. Additionally, the height of the planter and width of the bottom dish were intentionally sized to provide visual balance with the height and breadth of the Monstera leaves. The two paired together will provide elegance and beauty to your space. The simplicity of the planter allows the Monstera to be the main focus and the white finish will provide a subtle contrast to brighten and highlight the green leaves.  

1. Cut plant liner

1. Cut plant liner

2. Remove plant

2. Remove plant

3. Place and fill with dirt

3. Place and fill with dirt



Again, we're no experts but did want to offer a couple care tips that we came across from our research.

  • Water the plant well immediately after re-potting

  • Fertilize every 1-3 months after watering

  • Water weekly, or when soil runs dry

  • Allow planter to drain completely after watering

  • Set in a place with indirect sun light - access to bright light, but not direct light like a windowsill

  • Reduce frequency of watering during winter months to avoid root-rot


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