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Our new Home, Table, Garden Interview Series was initiated to feature Convivial wares within a wide range of settings, styles and uses. Our hope is that these journal entries will inspire you towards curating spaces and implementing practices that push you towards living a life of conviviality  - the joining of people to eat, to drink and to be well with one another. We create the wares, you set the scene. This initial post highlights aspects of home with items from our Garden Category. 

INTRODUCTION: Kelsey Sutton  

Kelsey Sutton is a mother and photographer living in Des Moines, Iowa. She has been a long-standing customer and Convivial enthusiast - always sharing support and kind words as we've grown as a company. These images, taken by Kelsey, feature favorite aspects of her home. This interview digs behind her aesthetic into the purpose, function and design of her space. Enjoy!


Kelsey Sutton  : @classicgrayhome

"Design should always leave room for the act of living" - Kelsey Sutton


Your home has a very distinguished style. Can you describe the feel?

Very earth toned with clean lines and an abundance of natural light. I’m inspired by the sea, the sky and the mountains and I think our home is a reflection of that.
 CONVIVIAL  5" Riveted Planter  paired with greens from  Shelly Saver Designs

CONVIVIAL 5" Riveted Planter paired with greens from Shelly Saver Designs

 CONVIVIAL  5" Riveted Planter

Building a home takes a lot of effort and intentionality. Why is doing this work important to you? 

We spend a lot of time in our home and it is a daily source of inspiration for me. We have beautiful windows and the sun just pours into our rooms. I do my best to keep our rooms feeling cozy, yet simple and I work on one space at a time until it feels complete to me. 

What initially inspired you to have such a curated, cohesive space?

We moved many times during the first 5 years of our marriage. During our fourth move I packed up all the things I no longer loved in our home and only unpacked the things that brought us joy into the next one. When we moved to that house I was so inspired by the white, bare walls and really focused on what I wanted the overall feel of the house to be. I spent a lot of time day dreaming, scouring Pinterest and Instagram for design ideas and the most common theme I found was that I loved layered whites, warm woods, textures and plants. So I started saving and shopping for things that I loved and I focused on one room at a time. Once I got that first room feeling the way I wanted, I realized how a neutral, simple room can make me feel at ease and allow me to dream for what I could do with a room while still having it feel complete. If I give myself room to dream, it does a lot to keep me inspired.
Convivial Edited-0002.jpg
 Convivial  8" Riveted Planter  paired with a Split Leaf Monstera

Convivial 8" Riveted Planter paired with a Split Leaf Monstera

There are so many different products in the world. Are you selective about what you allow into your home? If so, what criteria goes through your mind when selecting items?

 Convivial  Acacia Planter  (center),  5" Riveted Planter  (top left)

Convivial Acacia Planter (center), 5" Riveted Planter (top left)

Absolutely. I love to go shopping, but I love to window shop the most. If I find something I love, I do not usually buy it the first time I see it. I’ll go home, think about it and try very hard to stop thinking about it. If a few days or weeks have gone by and the product is still on my mind, then I usually know that it is a piece I love rather than an impulse purchase or just a good sale. This does not work in all situations, but it has helped me to be intentional and focused about the goods that I bring into our home and how we use them.

Which Convivial items do you own? 

We own the structured votives, the tabletop planter, minimal planter, the small & big riveted planters, and the beautiful acacia planter.
 Convivial  Acacia Planter

Convivial Acacia Planter

 Convivial  Acacia Planter

Convivial Acacia Planter

Why do Convivial items fit into your home? 

My preferred aesthetic is warm neutrals with whites and greenery. I love the contrast between the beautiful white glaze with the greens of my house plants. It is a gorgeous combination and brings any room to life.
 Convivial  8" Riveted Planter  paired with a Split Leaf Monstera

Convivial 8" Riveted Planter paired with a Split Leaf Monstera

Alain de Botton wrote in Architecture of Happiness, that "We need a home in the psychological sense as much as we need one in the physical...We need our rooms to align us to desirable versions of ourselves and to keep alive the important, evanescent sides of us. " Do you relate with this idea? If so, can you think of a tangible example of how the design of your space has impacted you personally. 

Yes - when my home feels intentional in design & functionality, I am more comfortable in my spaces. As an artist, I’m so easily influenced by the spaces in our home. When my home feels cohesive & curated, I feel good and it reflects in all the work that I do in running a household and raising our children and in the work I do as a small business owner.

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 Convivial  Small Minimal Planter  paired with a ZZ Plant

Convivial Small Minimal Planter paired with a ZZ Plant


Stay tuned for our next post, featuring TABLE inspiration with Suruchi Avasthi via This Brown Kitchen