Woven Hanging Planter

Woven Hanging Planter


Join us in welcoming the first macrame design to the Convivial Garden Collection. These hanging planters are made possible by a collaboration with Judah Co, a macrame + weaving designer based in Southern California. Each planter (as seen in the photo) is hand-made within the Convivial Production studio and the macrame holder is hand-woven by Erica Perry of Judah Co. This listing includes both the planter and the macrame design.

Planter: 3.5" d x 4.5" h

Cord Length: 18"

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Product Specifications

Manufactured: Kansas City

Material: Porcelain

Glaze Color: White

Cord Material: Cotton


Planter: 3.5" d x 4.5" h

Cord Length: 18"

Total Hanging Length: 22.5"